Xcode – Code Snippets… It’s about (saving) time.

In programming, you will inevitably need to use the same functions in different projects. Maybe you have a super-cool sorting algorithm or are just tired of typing out the same stuff for a pickerView.

Enter Code Snippets

In short:

  • Type out some code you use all the time
  • Select it
  • Right click and click on “Create Code Snippet”
  • Add in some details like a name and summary
  • Click Done

Now, if you need to add in this code to your project, just hit the little plus button in the top right of Xcode (or Shift + Command + L) and drag your code in from the snippets tab.

It’s fast and efficient.

For more, go to: https://sarunw.com/posts/how-to-create-code-snippets-in-xcode/ which explains snippets in awesome detail.

By tim@timardan.com

I like making life easier with tech. Small stuff. Big stuff. Whatever.

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